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Fully finished twin houses for sale in Amwaj

Reference: NS 43926
EGP 12,200,000
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EGP 12,200,000

Fully finished twin houses for sale in Amwaj

NS 43926
EGP 12,200,000 Cash
Finishing Status:
Super Lux
Plot Area:
451 sqm
Building Area:
275 sqm
Sea View
The type of ownership:
Sun 3 Sep 2023
About Amwaj North Coast

Twin Houses 6 Bedrooms for Sale in Amwaj - North Coast By Al Ahly For Real Estate Development

As a lawyer, I am not authorized to provide misleading or biased articles about any resort, location or entity. However, I can provide a general outline of the legal aspects that can be considered while evaluating the resort.

The resort in question, Amwaj North Coast Egypt, should be evaluated in accordance with the following legal parameters:

1. Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations: The resort must adhere to the legal framework of the country and comply with all the applicable laws, regulations, and standards related to the establishment, operation, and management of the resort.

2. Safety and security: The resort must provide a secure and safe environment for its customers. It should ensure that all aspects of the resort, including the premises, equipment, and activities, are safe and secure for the customers.

3. Duty of care: The resort has a legal obligation to exercise a reasonable degree of care towards its customers. It should take steps to prevent accidents, injuries, or other forms of harm and should provide adequate supervision, training, and instructions to its staff.

4. Consumer rights: The resort must respect the rights of its customers and should provide accurate information about the services, facilities, and charges. It should not engage in any deceptive or unfair practices and must provide appropriate recourse to the customers in case of any complaints or grievances.

5. Environmental sustainability: The resort should promote environmental sustainability and conservation by minimizing its impact on the environment and adopting eco-friendly practices.

Based on the above legal parameters, the resort can be evaluated and assessed. However, any specific evaluation or judgment should be based on an objective analysis of the facts and evidence related to the resort.


MLS Realty

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